Medical Humanities Student Researcher
Faculty Request Form for Spring 2024

Rice Faculty:

Thank you for considering mentoring a Rice student researcher for the Spring 2024 semester. These paid positions allow Rice undergraduate students to gain experience by assisting faculty members with their research or formal scholarship projects that engage healthcare and the humanities. In the past, students have supported the work of faculty members by writing literature reviews or promotional materials; helping manage and analyze qualitative data; assisting preparation of manuscripts for journal submission; conducting, coding and analyzing interviews; and helping produce deliverables including videos, slide decks and decision aids for use by patients, health care providers, and health care educators. 

Rice Faculty Members should provide sufficient opportunity for Rice students to devote 5 hours per week to the project in the Spring 2024 semester, excluding Rice holidays (spring breaks, etc.). Here is the Rice Spring 2024 calendar. Students may complete some or most of this work independently.

If students require badging, security clearances, or HIPAA training, please help students complete these steps in the Fall 2023 semester.

The deadline to request a student researcher for the Spring 2024 semester is November 9, 2023

Please direct questions to:
Melissa Bailar, Executive Director, Medical Humanities Research Institute

Project Information for the Online Posting
For the online posting, 2-4 sentences describing the larger research project and the student research portion. Indicate how the student’s work would engage with medical humanities.
Steps the student will need to complete to begin work (badging, HIPAA or research training, background check, etc)
For Internal Use
Will students be required to work off campus? If so, will international students be eligible? Will students be able to walk or take public transportation?